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    Steering wheel audio controls

    Hello, First of all I'm sorry for my English and I hope I put this thread in the right place. Well, I have a Nissan Almera Tino from year 2002 and it has the stock radio, I would change it with an aftermarket radio but I don't know which cables I should use. There are two cables that go into...
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    USB/Bluetooth Head Unit

    Looking for a good USB and bluetooth head unit. The bluetooth is just for calls mostly and I'm not too worried about that. USB is another situation... So I received a Clarion CX510 hand after setting it up I realized it has the worst USB controls I have ever seen. Hitting next track at the...
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    Changing the CD player in a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Does anyone know, if I buy a new in dash cd player for my 2004 Jeep wrangler, is there anyway to hook up the steering wheel controls to the new unit. I want to get one that has an iPod dock hookup so I can listen to my iPod, but I dont want to lose the function of my steering wheel controls...