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  2. basswiigee

    h.o. alternator 05 cobalt 2.2

    i'm looking to buy a high output alternator for a 05 cobalt 2.2 ecotec... like to keep it under $200...
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    Do I NEED to do the Big 3? New Battery? Or can I upgrade as is...

    CURRENTLY this is what I have: 2006 Cobalt SS Sedan BRZ-1700.1D Amplifier (ran at 2ohms - "1200w" RMS) 4 awg Rockford wiring for Amplifier power/ground 16 awg Rockford wiring from Amp-Sub 1 SA-12 D4 2cuft custom ported box tuned to 34hz (built myself) 1 Rockford farad capacitor (yeah...