coaxial speakers

  1. C

    Mixing Component and Coax

    If i were to put midrange woofers in my front doors, and then coax 6.5s in my rear deck, would the tweets on the coaxials make up for the lack of tweets with the midranges up front, or is it recommended to add tweeters w the mids?
  2. momeigs

    COMPLETED Brand new Skar Audio TX69 Coaxials

    Brand new Skar Audio coaxials straight from their HQ
  3. Vesjåg

    6,5" speakers in VW T4's doors, what's the best way to fit them? [SOLVED]

    I'm planning to mount a pair of 6,5" component speakers in my 2003 VW Caravelle's doors. I have been searching around the internet without finding anything close to this topic. Doors have these grills installed, behind them is just a sealed empty box. I have been looking at two ways at fitting...
  4. A

    Coaxial Speakers + Separate Tweeters?

    Hey guys! I drive a 2008 Hyundai Accent and I am looking to replace my front stock speakers (bottom of door) and my front tweeters (top of door). A component system is within my budget, however, I was wondering if I can get better sound from a pair of coax speakers and a separate pair of...
  5. B

    blown door speaker need advice on new ones

    I recently blew the tweeter in my rear drivers side door speaker and they are coaxial speakers so i can't just replace the tweeter. Should i just cut the connection of the tweeter so i don't here the rattling noise it makes (I do have good highs) or should I invest in a new set of rear door...
  6. atownmack

    toyota camry componet install question

    Currently I have rockford fosgate t1 coaxials in my 2003 toyota camry that I'm wanting to upgrade. they sound great, but the reason for this decision is that they are mounted low in my door, and they sound like they the music is coming from my feet. I have decided to purchase a JBL MS62c...
  7. K

    good coaxial speakers for rear 6.75 or 6.5 need suggestions

    I drive a 07 jeep grand cherokee. my current setup is a eclipse AVN-5435 7" double din headunit clarion eq 6.5 infinity kappa component speakers in the front powered by kicker zx360.4 amp. 2 12" kicker L7's in a ported box powered by a zx1500.1 amp. my rear door speakers are still stock i dont...