1. Valdosa

    [Modern Day Carputer] 2010 Ford Focus SE 4D

    Hey everyone, Some of you suggested I start a build log on my attempt at a modern day carputer. So here it is. Link to original fourm : LOGS 3/2/2015 Packages are...
  2. Valdosa

    [Wrong Sub-Fourm] Delete please.

    Need a mod to delete. Posted in wrong sub-forum.
  3. Valdosa

    Modern-Day Carputer [Need Suggestions on Audio Components]

    I was going to post this in the Carputer topic, but the last post there was in 2013. I'm building a car computer and am new to car audio but very familiar with computer systems. I'm currently a full-time college student double majoring in Computer Science & Game Art while working full time...
  4. Unfinished Carputer

    Unfinished Carputer

    HP Motherboard 1.2 Ghz amd athlon Cpu 256 sd-ram 80 gb Harddrive XP Pro capacty for 40,000 songs!