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    COMPLETED Winntech Scorpion display for sale

    This is taking up space in my warehouse and hope it can go to someone who can use it. It has everything needed plus the rolling movable base. It needs some work and fixing as it’s 20+ years old and have moved from a few car audio shops. I am looking to get $5,000 for it but willing to negotiate...
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    New Becker Mexico 7948 Retro F/S

    Becker Mexico Retro 7948     The Mexico 7948 MP3 SD tooth Car Radio will accompany you on your journeys with the sounds of your favourite songs and will allow you to locate a number of points of interest and destinations. It is also equipped with a road navigation system with TMC and...
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    Columbus Car Audio and Accessories

    I am happy with the installation of my new sun roof by the team at Columbus Car Audio & Accessories; Morse Road store. Despite a few challenges the work was outstanding. I was very apprehensive to have a whole cut in the roof of my new car, but Columbus Car Audio put my fears to rest. WOW! I...