1. Jackson_lmr

    Ground Loop, Engine Noise

    Alright, so I’m having engine noise and static in the speakers. Here’s what I’ve done to attempt to fix it so far: 1. Power and ground straight from battery to head unit (grounded from back of head unit to battery negative) 2. Grounded rcas to back of head unit. 3. Checked grounds, all...
  2. J

    Getting a whistling noise through back speakers with RCA hookups.

    Hey all, I just hooked up a new small JBL 4way channel amp in my trunk to normal aftermarket coaxial front and a set of rear speakers. I'm loving the audio when it's turned up, sounds pretty good, but I get a crazy whistling noise from my back speakers when volume is low (probably high but the...
  3. J

    Buzzing noise!!!!!

    Ok I have a diamond audio 600.4 running 2 cadence 4x6 and 2 cadence 6.5 and a power acoustik 1500w pushing 2 ipipe 12's I upgraded power wire from 4g to 0g and put my amps under my seat, I havnt hooked up my sins yet because on my diamond audio a static noise is present weather the volume is up...
  4. 8

    annoying whine when trucks engine is on and off!

    when my key is turned to on ACC or whatever it is (engine not running but key is on) there is an annoying buzz in all my speakers and my driver side speaker gets little to no actual music, and when car is on theres a high pitched whine along with that buzz that matches the trucks rpm, and i can...