build log

  1. A

    2001 Honda Civic

    Round number two for the real deal. Started planning and collecting for this build a few months after I got the car, so basically a full year now. Don't really have an idea for goals yet, I hope its loud and I will get it metered in the spring. Super close to tearing into it and getting it done...
  2. O

    The Chase for 160+dB Demos // Team Alphard Audio USA

    As many have seen online, Alphard Audio (based out of Russia) has some awesome and unique builds that are posting crazy numbers in Russia and various parts of Europe. Alphard is slowly making its way into the U.S. - with guys like EXO and Joe Price trying them out - but to my knowledge, there is...
  3. Reddish Neck

    Reddish Neck's Budget Build

    Here's my car audio build. Working with a college student's budget so theres no "high end" equiptment, just two Kicker Comp 10's (10C104) powered by a Infinity 311a Amplifier. The box was designed by Buck specifically for my subwoofers...