bluetooth issue

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    Help - Nissan Tiida Bluetooth?

    Hey all. Apologies if this isn't the right place to post. The stock radio in my Nissan Tiida has a bluetooth symbol , as well as what appears to be a mobile connection indicator. However, I cannot seem to pair my device with the radio or even get it into a Bluetooth pairing mode. The radio model...
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    USB bluetooth adapter compatibility with USB deck ??

    I am considering the purchase of a "wireless usb dongle". Generally designed to make non-blueooth computers compatible with bluetooth devices. My question is, Would a device such as this be compatible with a stereo head unit that is USB compatible but not bluetooth compatible? My only other...
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    Help with Pioneer AVH-P3250DVD

    Hi, i have a AVH-P3250 and connected a Bluetooth adapter Pioneer CD-BTB200, as per the manual it says we can register upto 5 phones 3 user phones and 2 guest phones, i had the same BTmodile with earlier MP3 unit and it worked fine with option to register 5 phones, after pairing the manual says...