blown amp

  1. NoobyMcLovin

    I maxed my volume out and no more sound

    Hi, thanks to anyone who can help me. I just made an account out of fear that I destroyed my speakers or maybe something else in my system. I just got done wiring up an amp and my new radio and before I turned the amp on my tweeters were making sound because I spliced them into the speaker...
  2. D

    Can't tell if my subs are blown, need some help

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if you are able to tell whether the issue, as seen in the video, is with my subs or my amp. The subs play fine at a low volume, but once it reaches a certain threshold then it starts to have an issue. You can hear it at the beginning of the video and then again at around...

    HELP Power wire touched rca wire at amp port

    Just like the title says, I touched the power wire from battery to the rca wire at the copper plug while it was plugged into the amp now the amp makes a loud humm or whine thru the speakers, I've checked everything from wires to head unit, it affected 2 amps one keeps going into protect while...
  4. A

    Amp blown? Please read for a detailed description, thanks.

    Okay, so I have an amp installed in my 2007 Versa. I bought it like that. I had some problems getting it working initially, but after tinkering it turned out the inline fuse in the engine bay was blown. Replaced that, and it's been working ever since... until today. So, this is what...
  5. L

    Am I getting ripped off??? Monoblock Amp Issues. PLEASE HELP ME! , Part 2,

    Hello there again. For anyone that's missed the previous thread; i have a sound stream Rubicon 2500d mono block amp. It has recently stopped working. The amp powers on fine but i have no voltage coming out the speaker terminals. therefore, i have taken the amp to a electronics repair shop and...