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    Stock Bose with Onstar

    I have a 2001 GMC Jimmy, I recently had an issue where the CD drive in the stereo shorted out the L&R channels. Which killed the Factory amp, I replaced the factory amp with the exact same model number. I still have no sound. I have tested the wires from the stereo to the amp, audio travels to...

    Speaker Problems!

    I am looking to install new speakers all the way around in my dads 1999 chevy blazer lt. First thing i am not sure about was speaker sizes. I have searched for the right speaker sizes and they all say there are 6x9s. There arent any. I have looked and looked. But before i did any of this, there...
  3. Why So Cereal?

    Brand New Jos A. Bank Sports Blazer

    Item(s) for Sale: Brand New Never Worn Jos A. Bank Suit Jacket/ Sports Blazer! REDUCED PRICE! LETS GET THIS SOLD! Item(s) Description/Condition: RETAILS FOR $450 AS SHOWN IN PICTURES This is a brand new Jos A. Bank authentic blazer! Gorgeous jacket! Great with a pair of slacks. Size 40...
  4. Blazer H.O. chrome alt.

    Blazer H.O. chrome alt.

    300 amp alt, 2000 blazer
  5. Blazer


  6. Blazer


  7. Blazer


  8. zx1500.1 & zx350.4

    zx1500.1 & zx350.4

    1st system in the blazer.
  9. Blazer


    Just a lil somethan!
  10. Blazer Upgrade #1 (2 15")

    Blazer Upgrade #1 (2 15")

    Just a lil somethan! Box ******!
  11. Blazer Upgrade #2 ( Bigger box and tuned)

    Blazer Upgrade #2 ( Bigger box and tuned)

    2 15" L7s 8^ft 38htz....I think lol cant remember!
  12. Blazer


    Just a lil somethan!
  13. Blazer


    Just a lil somethan!
  14. s10 blazer

    s10 blazer

  15. s10 blazer

    s10 blazer

  16. Jimmy