best amp

  1. T

    Help me to choose!

    So who of these would be better? Alphard Machete M12D2 110€ or Ground zero GZIW 300X 65€ or maybe 2 of these I'm choosing from this site Žemo dažnio garsiakalbiai | - prekyba audio įranga My budget for sub ~120€ Also I want buy Soundstream P1.600D amp for 125€ Is it worth...
  2. Aleks15Civic

    What is the best amp I could get to drive my CompVR 15s on a $400 budget?

    So I have two kicker compvr 15s: Kicker 10CVR154 15 CompVR 4 Ohm DVC Subwoofer: Car Electronics Previously Powered by: Memphis Car Amp PRX1 1000 1000D Class 1 Ohm Factory SEALED Old School Power | eBay The Memphis amp recently suffered a tragic end. It was a faulty amp from the...