1. Spl4200

    Power of the gods!

    I have a hifonics mars that will do 2x 150@ 2 ohm, 2x300@ 1ohm, 1x1200 @ 1 ohm or...1x.1200 @.25ohm in P.O.S. mode.. I am looking to see if there is an interest for this beast on here.. if there is ill do a bench test (Worked perfect last time I used it) and take pic.s looking for sundown x 15...
  2. C

    ppi pcx4125 (mind blowing 4 channel)

    Item(s) for Sale: Uploaded with Item(s) Description/Condition: PPI PCX4125, very rare amp. Very hard to find any amp that even compares to this. This was going to go in my Caddy to run Boston Z's but I never got around to it. Cosmetically I would give this amp 9.7/10...
  3. The championship SUV title

    The championship SUV title

    the motorized belt rack
  4. my 15

    my 15

    Ma Audio synergy 15