audioque 2200d

  1. O

    AQ 2200.1 Wired at .5 ohms?

    Can an (Audioque) AQ 2200.1D be wired down to .5 ohms? I emailed them and of course they gave me the answer "We highly recommend not wiring the amp below 1 ohm." Have any of you wired yours down to .5? If so, how has it done? any issues?
  2. B

    I've got 2 nice amps, which one should I use? Audioque 2200d & ph d2 shredder!

    FYI- My build consists of 2 15' soundqubed hds315 (1200 rms each). 9 cub ft box , aeroported. all 0 gauge ofc / big 3, and one of these amps. in my 1997 mountaioneer. i know the Audioque is newer and is a nice amp. But the earthquake is legendary! im going for 1900 rms + I have stock...
  3. halel86

    What do I need?? 1st system

    To start, I have an '02 Lincoln Ls. The coming week I will be having my Clarion CX501 head unit installed and my 2 12" Sundown Audio SA-12's installed. The subs will be ran off an Audioque AQ2200 amplifier in a custom ported box. What all do I need for the install, etc..? Wiring, etc..? Thanks...
  4. Sneakysh13

    WTB AUDIOQUE 2200D or Sundown SAZ 1500 New heatsink

    WTB AUDIOQUE 2200D or Sundown SAZ 1500v2 Nothing bstock/repaired or referbished, misused or abused Any pics with a good price plus a username will do. PM with amps