audiopipe apsm-1500


    Wheres the best deal for Audiopipe Amps?

    I am looking for an Audiopipe 1500-APSM Amp. And dont know where to buy from for under 130, that comes with a bass boost knob, and free shipping. Any suggestions?
  2. cooper1123

    What kind of box for a 1995 CONVERTIBLE Mustang?????????

    A buddy of mine wants me to build a box for him. He's going to be running 2 Audiopipe txxbd 12s on a apsm-1500 and I'm not sure what kind of box to use. Should the subs be firing forward? down? up? back? Port front? back? side? down? 4th order? He wants to still be able to hear the bass when he...
  3. cooper1123

    VVME Amps Anygood???????????????????

    So I was searching on ebay and I found VVME amps. I started searching through and a found a few that look exactly like Audiopipe APSM amps. The VVME 1500 caught my eye because it was only $89 shipped and it looks exactly like a APSM-1500 board. Has anyone had any experience with these amps...