arc audio

  1. Kastlez_

    FOR SALE Arc Audio XDi 1200.6 & (2X) 1100.1

    Product Brand & Model: XDi 1200.6 *AVAILABLE* XDi 1100.1 *SOLD* XDi 1100.1 *SOLD* Condition of all items: Mint 9.5/10 Total Price: : $500 shipped to your door. Original box, speaker terminals, ETC. Shipping Terms: : On the buyer Pictures:
  2. Louisiana_CRX

    Mint Arc Audio xdi600.1

    Item(s) for Sale: Mini subwoofer amplifier... Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new SQ Arc Audio compact mini subwoofer amplifier 1 ohm stable Price: $200 shipped CONUS Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Free CONUS top 5 ca iTrader Item Pictures:
  3. Skooter

    FS: Arc Audio XDi 1200.6

    Item(s) for Sale: Arc Audio XDi 1200.6 6 channel amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: Flawless condition. Like new. Price: $700 Willing to entertain trades for MiniDSP C-DSP 6x8 with cash added. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information...
  4. cooper1123

    SQ 6 Channel

    Item(s) for Sale: Arc Audio KS900.6 Item(s) Description/Condition: Custom paint on the top cover Really clean and in nice shape Missing a few screws for the top cover but has enough to hold it down All of the input screws are in good shape as well Has individual gains for the left and...
  5. TNT

    For sale: Arc audio car amplifier 2300 se robert zeff 2 channel signature edition

    Item(s) for Sale: Arc audio 2300 SE Item(s) Description/Condition: Amp is in perfect condition brand new, comes with original box. Perfect for the true audiophile music lover. Specs on amp: 2 channel @ 4 Ohm- 330 watt 2 channel @ 2 ohm- 660 watt 1 channel @ 4 ohm( bridged)- 1300 watt 1...
  6. adrc8r

    wtt for digital design s4 , assorted upper end audio equipment

    I have a variety of audio equipment. Ranging from amps to subs and headunits. Just for example I have a us amp Merlin md2d, mmats d.700.2, old school kicker zr240, eclipse 55090 dvd headunit, kenwood kdc mp528, sony cdx-gt40uw, kicker zx 800.2, and eclipse avn 5435 touchscreen with the nav...
  7. J

    FS: Arc Audio PS8

    Item(s) for Sale: Arc Audio PS8 Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent, like-new condition! This was bought about a year ago. Whenever they first came out. I have really enjoyed it but I sold my car and am getting rid of all of my old gear. Price: $700 - Includes free shipping - See...
  8. Q

    Are arc audio xdi 602 coaxials any good

    Thinking about getting apair of he arc xdi 602 for 40 bucks new in box any body heard anything about theses speakers are they worth giving a shot I know arc audio used to be really good quality amps but don't know much else about them

    Deal between NIHL8ION & vivvec

    I - NIHL8ION will be shipping x1 Used ARC Audio KAR400.4 - 4ch amplifier to vivvec on 11/9/13. Payment received on 11/8/13 - GOOD buyer = +1 vivvec
  10. NIHL8ION

    Used ARC Audio KAR400.4 - 4 Ch Amplifier

    Item(s) for Sale: Used ARC Audio KAR400.4 - 4 Ch Amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: Used and it shows: Scratches and typical use over the years - Functions 100% FLAWLESSLY - Very Efficient little amp with good sound and power for it's size. Specs: Measured output power (At 14.4 Vdc...
  11. TNT

    FS Arc audio 6 channel george barris 24 k gold plated amplifier ks900.6 new was $1100

    Item(s) for Sale: ARC AUDIO GEORGE BARRIS 24 K GOLD PLATED AMPLIFIER KS900.6 Item(s) Description/Condition: BRAND NEW NEVER USED. HERE ARE THE SPECS ON THE AMP: POWER OUTPUT [email protected] OHMS~4 X 60 WATT POWER OUTPUT [email protected] OHMS~4 X 100 WATT POWER OUTPUT [email protected] OHMS( SUB CHANNEL ONLY) 2 X 155 WATT...
  12. B

    10" Kicker Comp VX 10 vs ARC Audio 10D2 winner is....

    I have a 2011 Jeep Cherokee and I am currently running a Sundown D1000 amp. I was wondering which of the above mentioned subs would be better. I plan at running it at 1ohm and getting about 900watts to the sub. It will be in a ported box, and I listen to all types of music. I'm looking for...
  13. davidtemple

    arc audio "foose FD 2200 amp 2 channel

    Product Brand & Model: ARC AUDIO FD2200 2 channel FOOSE AMP $110 12dB stereo crossover with x10 range switch, 55Hz to 5.5KHz High/low/full range selector switch Mono/stereo/bridged select feature 18dB bass control at 45Hz Protection against: reverse voltage, over voltage, speaker...
  14. V

    bnib ARC Audio DXE - PRICED TO SELL!! 4-way active xover, eq, line driver

    Item(s) for Sale: ARC AUDIO DXE brand new in box Item(s) Description/Condition: Never even taken out of plastic, everything is still sealed. In the future all audio products will have the flexibility of a fully Digital Control System with the sweet smooth sound and perfect sound stage of an...
  15. 2003 Honda Accord Arc Audio/Jl Audio

    2003 Honda Accord Arc Audio/Jl Audio

    Arc Audio Flatline 12" 2ohm | Arc Audio Foose 1200.1 Amp | Jl Audio 300/4 Amplifier to Focal K2
  16. Gville

    FS - Hybrid Audio Imagine Comps, Arc Audio KS 300.4 and DIYMA R12

    Hello everyone. I am recently going to be selling my vehicle so im selling my system along with it. It was a small modest system with nice gear designed to supply nice SQ without spending a ton of money. All items come in the original box they shipped in. All payments though Paypal. ***NO...
  17. WashYourWinky

    WTTF: Head unit!

    Need a head unit. MP3 and 3 rca outputs a must. USB, Ipod, SD card a plus! Here is what I have to offer. I would sell it for $160 shipped in the US. Arc Audio KAR-400.4 Cosmetic 9/10 Mechanical 10/10 400.4 50 watts x 4 @ 4 ohms 100 watts x 4 @ 2 ohms 190 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms bridged...