1. BamaBoy334

    COMPLETED BNIB Soundqubed Q1-3500D.1

    NO LONGER ACCEPTING TRADES. SOMETHING CAME UP AND I NEED CASH THE PRICE NOW INCLUDES SHIPPING COST. NEED GONE ASAP 1. Product: Soundqubed Q1-3500D.1 2. Specs: 4300@1ohm 14.4v 2600@2ohm 14.4v 1400@4ohm 14.4v 750@4ohm 12v 3. Description/Condition: Brand New Unused 4. Price: : $700...
  2. Re3xxx

    Alpine flip out, HDC315 aluminium coils, AQ 3500

    Okay heres what im looking for: i really want a nice alpine hu that flips out and goes into a touch screen and has dvd and cd. i would also like nice headrest and visor screens that can be hooked up to a dvd/cd player, PICTURES HELP ALOT! next what im looking for is 2 to 4 15' HDC3s. I will...