amps for sale

  1. caseymcc

    NIB FS: RE Audio (US AMPS) XT800.4 V3 High power efficiency 4 channel Class DE amp

    Item(s) for Sale: One RE Audio XT800.4 V3 New In Box Item(s) Description/Condition: Multi channel class DE amps are becoming more desirable these days due to their excellent low power consumption. US Amps was one of the first to answer this call with their RE Audio 4 channel XT amps. This...
  2. C

    looking to buy a amp right now

    im looking for a 2000 to 2500 watt rms amp . it must be 1ohm stable and i dont want any junk so it must do rated power . as far as condition goes it must work with no flaws and look ok it dont have to be bnib as long as it looks ok im looking to spend 200 to 300 shipped for it here is a list of...