amplifier trouble

  1. C

    Xzound hq 2000.4 sound from amp directly to Jack cable

    Hello Im in abit of a pickle here. See i have this massive amp that me and my friends want to use for a festival (we got plenty of batteries) However i have no clue how to connect a phone directly to the amp (we only need 2 channels) I've tried with a phono to aux cable connecting that to...
  2. C

    Distortion Appearing in Different Amplifier Channels? Help Me!!

    I recently installed an amp and two subs I was lucky enough to get from someone I found local here on the forums. This is my first amplifier install. The first problem I had was distortion in the left front speaker (not sure what kind of distortion, sounding janky at higher tones usually). I...
  3. ridethepony

    Kicker zx750.1 not working.. help?

    I recently purchased a used (my mistake..) Kicker zx750.1 mono amplifier to power my two Alpine 10s.. I wired everything myself and all was fine and well until about 2 weeks ago. It started slowly, but my subs started going in and out (going from full power to about 30% power.. they never really...