ampere audio

  1. lukehester

    Need Help!

    I have a Ampere Audio AA-2000.1. I installed the amp 2 days ago and it would randomly go into protect mode. I woke up this morning and now that amp immediately goes into protect mode when i turn the car on. I have disconnected everything except the B+, ground, and remote wire, and still the same...
  2. adulbrich

    Electrical for M4a

    Hey, like the title states, I'm wondering what I need to run an M4a. It will be wired at 1 ohm for daily. I will also be running an Ampere 125.4 for an active front stage. Going by the 55 ah per 2k rms, I'll need about 200 ah of batteries. I have a 320 amp Singer hairpin alternator. Would that...
  3. M

    Ampere Audio AA-3800.1 $500 + shipping

    Item(s) for Sale: Ampere Audio AA-3800.1 $500 + shipping Barely Used and never ran on low voltage. Flawless with zero issues. As always fastest and best way to reach me is by cell. Text or call (904)307-9063 Mike Item(s) Description/Condition: Comes in original box with Manual, bass knob...