amp not working

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    Edge Amp Doesn't Turn off When Ignition is off

    I know this looks like the age old issue of an incorrect REM, but I'm stumped where I'm going wrong. Brand new Xplod HU, spliced REM wire from the back to the amp. Tried it in the aerial REM and the red Ignition lead. When Ignition is off, the amp is on, when we break the REM connection, it goes...
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    Amp Won't turn on to power subs but my capacitor has power!!!!

    Hey guys I really need some help here, Recently my wiring harness went on my head unit so I replaced the whole unit and installed a new wiring harness, due to my head unit acting up when I took it to my mechanic to see what was going on He later called me and told me that my wiring harness was...