alpine car radio

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    Wtb: Alpine era-g320

    Looking for a 100% funtional unit, will be able to pay 100 to 150 for it. Thx!
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    Alpine cda-7893 werid button trouble

    O.K ive put my alpine in my old ladys eclipse(needed to,not wanted to) with out wireing worked fine , i mean great. Especialy comming from a panasonic H/U to Alpine.Then i was given tha bright idea to convert tha CD changer cord to a aux ive seen it done(tha finshed...
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    13 year-old Alpine stopped, can't figure it out. Any Alpine experts out there?

    My Alpine car stereo system just stopped working. The faceplate was removed for a few days, then when I went to put it back in, the radio wouldn't turn on. Did all the usual checks (I'm not an expert at the level most people here seem to be), such as fuses, cleaning connector points, pressing...