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    TEAM DEAF BONCE USA - (2) 32s | 48kw | 48 banks of caps

    Many of you have seen the sweet build our Russian brothers just completed with (2) 32" Deaf Bonce subs in their clean red Escalade. Well, we too cracked open some vodka and decided it's time to bring some monster subs over to the USA and build a cool *** rig. So, without further adieu, we...
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    The Chase for 160+dB Demos // Team Alphard Audio USA

    As many have seen online, Alphard Audio (based out of Russia) has some awesome and unique builds that are posting crazy numbers in Russia and various parts of Europe. Alphard is slowly making its way into the U.S. - with guys like EXO and Joe Price trying them out - but to my knowledge, there is...