8 inch

  1. C

    COMPLETED 2 Sound Splinter Rl-I8 Subwoofers in ported enclosure

    Howdy all, I'm selling my beloved SoundSplinter RL-I8's in a Custom Ported Enclosure tuned to around 40hz (can't remember exact). I have been using these Subs for well over 10 years. I'm finally selling my car thus getting rid of these bad boys. I'm almost posting to the local Facebook...
  2. Tshaffe

    Best 8" SQ sub opinion

    Funny as it sounds I'm trying to help my dad pick out a sub for his motorhome. He does NOT want something loud. He just wants it to sound good. So I'm going to set him up with a 8" sub in a sealed box, I'm thinking 150-200 RMS. I want to get the best sq sub I can find so he's happy with it. I'm...