6.5" components

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    COMPLETED 6.5 “ components for sale

    I have two pairs of Audiofrog G60S 6.5 “ components for $275 each + shipping. They are currently mounted in book shelf speaker boxes. Only been lightly used for about a month. Can remove from speaker boxes and ship in original boxes if you don’t want them. I also have a pair of Audio frog GS...
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    Help choosing 6.5" comp set- thinking CDT

    Sup Dudes. This is my first post here. This is my truck: 2001 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab Alpine cda-9853 (for now) 1 Zapco sx-sl II 1 Zapco 300c2-slx 1 Zapco 600c2-sl I need all speakers, but I want to start with the front first then I'll go after the sub then rear doors. My friend suggested...