6.5" 2-way component set

  1. Kastlez_

    COMPLETED Hertz Millie ML 280.2 & ML 1600 (2-Way) 2014

    ML 280.2 Tweeters (Brand New, Deadstock.... w/ original box) ML 1600.2 Mids (Discontinued, used in one install.... w/ original box, manuals and grills) Sold as a Pair $1000 OBO ___________________________ Also Available: Hertz 165XL Mids ($450 shipped)
  2. tylormcvey

    COMPLETED Audison Voce 3-way set- AV6.5, AV3.0, AV1.1 NIB

    I have been going through my small collection of audio equipment that I'm not using &/or have replaced with different equipment. These never made it to an install & only came out of the box to pose for some pictures. Audison K6 2-way component set with crossover (for 6.5" midbass & 1.1" tweet)...
  3. T

    Speakears for 42W rms

    Hello. First sorry for mi bad english, i´m spaniard. I have this main unit. I add a video to check the real 42 rms watt of this head unit, because is not the normal output for a main unit. I want a set of 6.5" Component Speakers. My kind of music are rock, heavy Rock and alternative rock...