4 gauge

  1. AnthonyO

    COMPLETED 4 gauge OFC

    Looking to buy some 4 gauge OFC. Let me know if you have anything to sell.
  2. X

    Can I run 8 gauge wire to a Kicker ZX400.1 instead of 4?

    Hello! I ordered a Kicker ZX400.1 to push my CVT12 and looked up the manual and it said that you should run the amp with 4 gauge. I really don't want to run another power wire, but I will if I have to. I was eventually going to upgrade from 8 to 4 but not immediately. Also, if I would run 4...
  3. peterpaul

    WTB 4 Ga Amp Wire (or kit)

    New Car Enthusiast Here with a request: I made a rookie mistake and installed an 8 gauge amp wire kit (Scosche revopak8) and knew immediatly that I need MOAR! Anybody got about 20 feet of 4 gauge amp wire/power wire/welding cable they wanna sell? PM me...