3 way component

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    3 way components

    Hi all, I have installed a custom made 3 way components. Tweeter, mid range from Hertz nd subwoofer from focal. The crossover I bought it from Chinese website(AliExpress). So will it give the same output as 3 way or will there be any disturbance? Help me out with this.
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    3 way components

    Hi, Actually I have installed a 3 way setup in my VW Polo. But I did it on my own. I bought Hertz co axial nd a 6.5 sub also a 3 way crossover(china). It's a custom build by my own. I have mounted the mid range nd tweeter on my A piller nd sub on door. I have a doubt will it perform the same as...
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    3 way component build

    Hello I'm new to this site and am seeking advice on building a 3 way component system and these are the options i would like to pursue. Option 1 is i have a focal 5 1/4 2 way component system and would like to ad an 8'' midrange driver to this and was wondering if there is a 3 way crossover I...