3-way component speakers

  1. tylormcvey

    COMPLETED Audison Voce 3-way set- AV6.5, AV3.0, AV1.1 NIB

    I have been going through my small collection of audio equipment that I'm not using &/or have replaced with different equipment. These never made it to an install & only came out of the box to pose for some pictures. Audison K6 2-way component set with crossover (for 6.5" midbass & 1.1" tweet)...
  2. A

    3-Way Suggestions!!!

    I have a 2013 VW CC with 2 speakers in the door and a tweeter for the front stage and a woofer and tweeter for the rear. I'm planning on going 3-way in the front and 2-way in the rear, but I'm unsure as to what I should do for the 3-way. SUGGESTIONS SUGGESTIONS SUGGESTIONS. Oh yea, and budget...