3 ohm

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    Can my amp run this?

    My Gladen Zero PRO 165.2 PP components is 2-way 3 ohm 150W RMS, 225W peak. My amp is a Gladen 100.4 with the following specs. RMS in stereo @ 4ohm 4x100W RMS in stereo @ 2ohm 4x155W RMS bridged @ 4ohm 2x310W RMS bridged @ 2ohm 2x480W Can i run them on the selected amplifier? I'm aldo...
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    Ppi to 13w7

    Can anyone help? Can i run a 13w7 with a ppi pc21400.2? 3 ohm sub to 4 ohm bridged amp?
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    Can sa 1500 d be used eith 12w7

    I currently have a sundown audio 1500d amplifier and a jl audio 12" w7. My question is this: can I use my sa1500 to power the 3 ohm subwoofer? If so how should I set the dials on the amplifier? Also I know the jl 1000/1 is best for the w7 but I really like my sa1500 and don't want to get a...