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  1. AJStaples

    Destroyed sub in 3 minutes why??

    Like 10 years ago I bought 2 Polk DB1040DVC subs. They are 50-270w rms. They've been sitting new in box since I never got around to buying an amp or whatever. I ponied up a couple dollars and at crutchfields recommendation, grabbed a pioneer GM-DX874 4/3/2 ch amp. I connected front door...
  2. K

    Best option for powering front and 2 6x9 subs in rear deck?

    I have two front speakers that take 50RMS and two 6X9 subs in the rear deck that take 100RMS at 4ohms. Would I be better off getting a 4 channel amp and doing 50W to each or getting a 3 channel amp and splitting the sub channel to the two 6x9 subs?
  3. G

    Alpine MRP F300 - 4 channel, 50 RMS into 4 Ohms - oldie but goodie!

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine MRP F300 4/3/2 Channel Amplifier * Per channel into 4 ohms: 50W x 4 (0.08% THD) * Per channel into 2 ohms: 75W x 4 * Bridged 4 Ohms: 150W x 2 Detailed Link: Alpine MRP-F300 Item(s) Description/Condition: Functionality: 10/10 Cosmetic: 7/10 Runs perfectly. Only...