2 amps

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    Wiring 2 amps

    I have 2 ssl amps. One is a 2 channel 2000w and the other is a mono channel 1500w I also have two 1200rms 12 inch subs. How should I wire the amps so I only have to run 1 power cable from the battery? And what do I do about the RCA's, the remote wire, and the ground from the 2nd amp?
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    4 Channel Amp Help

    I currently have a sound system setup in my car, it includes: 1 Kenwood KDC-MP442U (22 rms x 4 to speakers) 2 Infinity 6x9's 300W 2 Ohm speakers 2 Infinity 6.5's 180W 2 Ohm speakers 2 Infinity tweeters 2 Jl w0 10" subs (with custom box) 1 Hitron 1000W mono block amp powering the subs I...