1. Power_Glove

    COMPLETED JL 13W7 AE W/ Custom Ported 27Hz box and JL RD1500/1 Amp

    Up for grabs is a JL 13W7AE, custom made Baltic Birch Box (Mr. Marv design/build), and a RD1500/1 amp. All of these are brand new basically, 1 month old. The 13W7AE will come with my Crutchfield receipt, and original crate, so you can use the JL 5 year warranty (if ever needed). The RD1500/1...
  2. G

    Ford F250 Custom Center Console 13w7

    This is my first build log on this forum so bare with me for the next week or so. Im building a center console in an F250 to replace the factory flip-up seat. It will house the JL 13w7 as well as display the JL HD 1200/1. Just finished up framing the box, I'm still undecided whether or not to...
  3. J

    WTB JL 13W7 near Memphis

    Looking for a jl13w7 in new or unabused condition, perferably around memphis. will drive up to 150 miles to pick it up. building a custom box for the truck, dont really need to buy it in one. pm me what you may have, maybe we can work out shipping. thanks!
  4. Sir Pay

    Sir Pay's Duke Blue Devils dual 13w7 kerfed port box...Built by DONH

    SHOUT OUT TO DONH!!!! These are the pics for my custom dual 13w7 box the box is in progress. He has built a few other boxes for people on this site and built boxes for w7's but this is is his first time building a 13w7 enclosure. I gave him the measurements of what kind of cargo space i was...
  5. Sir Pay

    Ported Enclosure for 13w7

    Looking to sell a ported enclosure for a JL 13w7 just purchased 2 weeks ago from JL authorized dealer built to JL specs. Paid 120 bucks for it. Looking to get $75....Pick up in southern Cal...would consider trades also...if you want me to ship buyer is responsible....woofer IS NOT INCLUDED...
  6. B

    Ppi to 13w7

    Can anyone help? Can i run a 13w7 with a ppi pc21400.2? 3 ohm sub to 4 ohm bridged amp?
  7. 13w7 close

    13w7 close