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  • Hey seen you ask some one about diamond Hex components I use to own a pair. Thought I would give you a quick sinops compaired to all the big box names RF kicker and such they are great clean and sound good but with out sound deadening the doors the midbass is lacking and compaired to my cdt HD components with dry 26 tweeters "silk or aluminum I prefer aluminum in a braxel set up" they are very laced tweeters and when I switched I found a entire new demension in the sound. For close to the same price I suggest looking into Cody HD series I know a dealer if your interested I can hook you up with him. I have listened to a lot and for the price and quality I will be going with them again ohh and dying if you don't have atleast 175 Watts per side the hex components will sound like a coaxel.

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