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Voltmeter Recommendations

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I am looking into getting a voltmeter (whatever the kind is people have next to their dash while they are driving.) Ideally, I would like to put this on my current setup to see how I am doing on power, then monitor a more powerful setup with it. Any budget friendly suggestions welcome.


I would be going from 1krms to 1.5/2krms. Stock Alt. My headlights would dim doing 1k on hard bass notes slightly at an idle before I swapped to LEDs. Just interested to see how "healthy" the electrical system is.


A good rating is 13.5-14.5 correct?

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Taramp's VTR-1000

AJK Sound Remote Control



We are about to get even more voltmeters in soon for the US market which include-

AJK Sound Nano Volt

AJK Sound Remote 2018

JFA Volt Sequencer


It all depends on what you want in a voltmeter.

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