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Digital Designs S4 Staggered 4ch amplifier

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Item(s) for Sale:


DD S4a 4ch amp



Item(s) Description/Condition:


I'm stealing the below description from a previous sale thread. I'm selling my DD S4a as I bought it for a project that was never completed.


The S-Class amps have more of everything, more power, higher slope xovers, high grade pots and components. This amp class is aimed at the more complex installations where higher channel power, finer control and more precision is needed. The S-Class amp circuit uses higher capacity power supplies, bigger transformers, higher damping factor and higher current flowing PC Board's than the C-Class circuits. This amp class is further divided into two different chassis types. The S Class are full sized chassis amplifiers for high wattage applications and the SS Class are small chassis amplifiers where space is in short supply but sound quality is still a priority. The S-Class brings higher end design into affordable price points.


The S4a is a non-symmetrical output, 4 channel power amplifier. It features two channels with 2 x 100 Watts of power, plus two channels with 2 x 200 watts of power. This allows the amp to make more power where it is needed most. The S4 can be configured to run a variety of systems.


The 100 x 2 channels have 24dB/oct high pass, variable from 20Hz - 500Hz. The crossover also uses a 10x frequency switch, this moves the crossover range to 200Hz to 5kHz. There are 4 calibrated dial markings to help frequency settings.


The 200 x 2 channel has the same 20-5kHz high pass and 50 - 5kHz low pass, 24dB/oct, with 10x frequency multiplier switch. Each filter has individual on/off switches for ultimate flexibility. A clipping indicator circuit is included to monitor real power conditions. The amp uses separate power supplies for each set of channels.



* 200 x 2 to power midrange door speakers with variable band pass, 2 x 100 to tweeters with variable high pass.

* 200 x 2 to power front component set or coax speakers, 2 x 100 to power rear fill.

* 100 x 2 to power front speakers, up to 700 mono to drive rear sub(s).

* 3 channel amp, 200 x 3 for surround sound use.

* 2 x 150 + 2 x 300 in 2 Ohm stereo use, to power double sets of coax/components.

* 2 x 175 + 2 x 350 in 1 ohm stereo use, to power more sets of coax/components.


With 3-way variable crossovers and two sets of bridgeable, staggered output channels, you can do anything a system design needs.


Series S

Input Sensitivity 0.2V - 8V

Variable High Pass Filter 20 Hz - 500 Hz (200 - 5 kHz) at 24dB/Oct

Variable Low Pass Filter 50 Hz - 500 Hz (500 - 5 kHz) at 24dB/Oct

Clipping Display LED

Tested Voltage 14.4

Tested THD 1%

Model S4

Cont power at 4 ohm 100W x 2ch + 200W x 2ch

Cont power at 2 ohm 150W x 2ch + 300W x 2ch

Damping Factor >550 @ 2 ohm



Cont power at 4 ohm Mono

300W x 1ch + 600W x 1ch

Dynamic power 400W x 1ch + 800W x 1ch

Efficiency thru Output >64%

Dimensions - mm 420L x 232W x 63.5H

Dimensions - inches 16.54L x 9.13W x 2.5H

Signal to Noise 95 dB

Shipping Weight 14lbs


Mechanically/electrically 10/10

Cosmetically 9/10



$370 shipped




Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:


will ship to the lower 48



Item Pictures:





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I will accept offers for non car audio related trades


What are you interested in, other than cash obviously. I have basically a Brand new Ipad, the newest one before they made one with the Iphone5 plug, I'll trade you for that amp. Also, than amp is an S4, but it's not an S4A, but in all actuality regardless of what they say in Oklahoma, they only changed the heat sink. What other interests do you have as far as a trade if you don't want Ipad

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