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mgeagles26 Feedback Thread

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if anyone has bought or sold something to/from me please leave some feedback here..

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Only have 5 refs so far..


sold to: nightrunner06, NightDrifter05, Integra2468


bought from: 1ndatrunk, BeAlLsTaR13

100% positive ebay feedback ::Racecartoys::

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I just figured I would post here as well about our transaction. The transaction we had started off rocky with a lack of response to my PMs, me being told the item was shipped then finding out it wasn't, then being told it was shipped again and I'd have tracking the following day and that never happened, and then being told it was shipped but he didn't have enough cash on him to get the delivery confirmation on my item. It took I believe 15 day's to get my item and 3 of those day's were in shipping so that seem's a little long to have a item shipped. The item was received today and was just thrown in a box but seeing as how it was just a Xbox 360 Chat Pad I wasn't to worried about it being damaged but a little bubble wrap or even filling the box with newspaper would have been sufficient.


But on another note he was ALWAYS apologetic in his PM's, alway's assured me it would be shipped, and the item itself was just as described. I'm hoping since he appears to be new to selling on ca.com that maybe this is just a hiccup and thing's will get better.


The best way to sum up this feedback is to just use caution when buying from him and set up a date where has HAS to ship to make sure he will ship it out on time. I would buy from him again if he would do that or ship first.

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Sold To: Tapout, bdawson72, djvi0lent, regal8r, sixfootman2005 (x2)

Trades: TeamPSI, Integra2468

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My transaction with him was at around the same time as Nightdrifter05 for a Turtle Beach X3 headset to use with xbox 360 so maybe it was just bad timing. The agreement I had with him was that I would send half of the payment so he would ship and then the other half upon delivery so I was pretty sure he would ship out quickly. He seemed like a stand up guy at the beginning since we were communicating via text messaging.


He said I would have tracking info within two days of sending payment but I received no PM or text message from him. I tried contacting him for about a week and a half with no response whatsoever from this guy and that is when I started to get worried. He finally contacts me and says I would have tracking info asap. I was expecting tracking info to be received by the next day but even then it took him a couple more days to send me the info. I don't know about you guys but if say asap, I would get in my truck and drive to USPS within an hour of sending that message (but that's just me).


Anyways, overall the transaction took about 2 weeks and a half which is a bit too long for my taste. And I would have been willing to wait this long for the item if he had just kept me informed and not lied to me. Even though me as a seller, if I receive payment, I ship the next day usually priority mail so my transactions are usually less than a week.


So just be cautious when dealing with this guy if you want your items in a timely manner. The only way I would deal with this guy again is if we reached an agreement of exactly when he would ship the item and if he didn't, I would get a full refund that same night he failed to ship. And just to clear it up, I kept my end of the bargain. I received the item last night but had to no time to check if it was fully functional so I checked it this morning and sent payment about 30 mins ago.

Bought from: Starky, Beerdrnkr, GearGuy2001, ARK_SWAMP_RIDER, Sampson, Team OSC SVT, rmdl51

Sold to: caligirl2k, na rsx, IloveBass, makdaddy, snfsh79077, oldschool4me, sotelomichael

Traded with: Nightdrifter05, Cheapo, gymfreak101


Feedback Thread for me:


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