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jddavid123 - Great Seller

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I bought some Hybrid Audio L4 speakers from jddavid123. I paid on July 9th, they were shipped with tracking provided on July 10th, and were at my door on July 13th. He did an excellent job packing the speakers and they arrived fine. Great guy to do business with.

2004 Trailblazer -

Alpine INA-W900, JBL MS-8, (2) Kenwood x4r, (2) Aura RPM2300, (2) Sundown 3000D

Scan-Speak D2904 & HAT L4 <Kickpanels>, B&C 8NDL51 8"<Front Doors>

(6) 12" Sundown SA-12s, Powermaster (2) D3100 & (1) S3400, MECHMAN 250amp Alt

(2) 25ft Runs of 0ga Kicker Hyperflex Blue+ & (2) Grey-

250ft2 RAAMmat BXT & 60ft2 Edead v4

22" Velocity V-750, KBee Coilovers

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