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20inch dubs bellagios cheap!!

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i got a set of 20inch dub bellagio spinners w/ tires.. i bought em from one of my friends but they were the wrong bolt pattern for my jag so i have to sell them.. i caught them at a good deal so i will pass on the favor.. im only askin $1000 obo.. thats DUB bellagio rims/tires for $1000.. a brand new set of these will probably run around $2500.. i will even split shipping w/ the buyer.. they dont fit my car and i need to sell quickly so i can have some more rims by time school starts..


the tires still have really good tread left.. the rims have no dents or scratches.. they are 5 lug and the tire is size 245/35/20.. the bolt pattern is either 5x114 or 5x115..


i can get more picture upon request..







Goodbye to the bubble on 24s..

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