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wheres the dash pics.

2003 mustang


front-kicker ds680.2

subwoofers-2 12 l7

comp amp-sx 400.2

sub amp-sx1250.1



PESteele-sold 300.1,hasa68mustang-sold 2 10 comps,jonnybusa-sold 350.4,black sedan-jl audio 1400d,XxSuperAdamxX-1/0 wiring

Trade with:

phyphoestilic-trade 360,haunther,dblevel



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Dash Is a nice phone, I likes mine...


so you do like it? i just got one, but i've never seen or heard somebody actually use one. the battery should be coming in the mail this week.



Project: Avalanche V1...


Project: Avalanche V2... http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=432321

Project: F350... Coming Soon!


Need a box or box design? -EMAIL- me for info/quotes, do NOT send a PM

my username @ hotmail.com

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what condition is the 6133 in?


- Ref.s -

ssbogger , derek9087 , mike dressure , xluben , brocken , QtrHorse , marley1 , byoon001 , IonSQL , Duke , TheBaron929 , SiX , Andar , blackbonnie , SPLV , dbaudio , dillinja666 , 97cavy , dropkick13 , TeamPSI , foreman , integra88 , bangincaraudio , spinelli , gkatmar , MustangGT25YRS , stockgp , FASTIMES , ultimate157 , Reson8 , vitveet , req


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Anything come w/ the SLVR??...used to have one and loved it until it broke.

1999 GMC Yukon Denali - New Truck, New system

Pioneer AVH - P4900DVD

(4) 12" Kicker 07 Solo-X

(2) Hifonics XXV-Goliath , RF T600-4

Focal 165KF Components

300amp Amperage Technologies alt...(4) Kinetik 2400/ (1) 1800

154.1 @41hz @ Dash, 150.6 Bassrace - TL Scores


Refs - TheLow(x2)...J31Rob...Massiveaudiocw...King Jebus...JmanPC...JohnnyB4439...GrizzJwill...connersdad19...NevrEnuffBass...Garrette West...Brian Chia...HATCHET_WARRIOR...MikeCole89


Clean since June 19, 2007

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interested in the slvr.. YGPM

Refs: 02Corvette, PsychoTheRapist, Quez82, Fattony911, Megalomaniac, PatFitz9, Twistid, Robertspangler, SPL140.2, hazardous0388, scoob8000, WOT, Rashadd, Tricked - CS.org: TommyTheCat, HawaiianBassHed, MLGreen, Jmanpc..


Owner: Quicks Car Audio and Detailing in Clinton Iowa


-- 1995 Honda Civic -- -BlackedOut-

Black Car, Tinted, Black 17s, 12K HIDs, Black Halo Projector Headlights, and Black Tails...

Pioneer DEH-P6000UB

2 Soundstream PCA2000D, 2 Older 15" "Fi Reconed" Immortals 7.5ft^3 at 30hz (SOLD) :(

Cheap Kenwood 4ch

6.5 RSD Components in my Doors

HO Alt, 1/0 Knu Collossus Wiring, Optima Red In Back


Xbox Live Gamertag: MistaAPQ

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