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playboyclic - A+ trader!

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I traded him two type r's and a box for his eclipse TI and that sub is in MINT condition, it looks awesome! Communication was great and packing was even better :)





Head Unit-Eclipse CD3000

Components-Rainbow Germaniums

Amp- Eclipse EA4000 (bridged 150x2)

Subs- 2 Eclipse 12" Titaniums w/RE Softparts

Amp- KICKER KX2500.1

HO Alt- 180amp from HO Engineering

Starter Battery- Duralast Gold

Trunk Battery- Northstar NSB170FT (125 lbs!)

Secondskin Damplifier Pro on trunk & Dynamat Xtreme on Doors

Big Three & wiring done in 1/0


TeamPSI, BJ Fisher, 6spdcoupe, playboyclic, chaarlieee, liquidh2o, derek9087, Rohner, Soldmy66, Ricky616, trevor87, pitbull12888, Jester1318 & slickcmrick on ebay

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Sweet... I like honest ppl.

musesign.gif http://www.myspace.com/unknownbelow

Refs: Showrides|IonSQL x2|mattmcss|QtrHorse x2|DaGh0st|bjfish11

حَتَّى إِذَا اجْتَزْتُ وَادِي ظِلاَلِ الْمَوْتِ، لاَ أَخَافُ سُوءاً لأَنَّكَ تُرَافِقُنِي. عَصَاكَ وَعُكَّازُكَ هُمَا مَعِي يُشَدِّدَانِ عَزِيمَتِي.



Much as I shudder at the thought of potentially seeing your penis, writing caraudio.com on your dick would kick ass. Que the joke about only being able to get up to "CAR" on it....

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it was a pleasure. the sub was in perfect condition, so i HAD to package the hell out of it to make sure it stayed that way. good luck with ur new setup rick.



Sold to sr_se-r. Traded with master467. Traded with SlickCMRick. Bought from crazy4ozs. Sold to PowerNaudio. Traded with JoshHd6. Sold to BadAndy44. Gave to euro2ned. Sold to EnvEe 02. Bought from sciononhub's. Sold to BadAndy44. Bought from mattmcss. Bought from jeffs42885. Traded with byoon001. Sold to uglydimple12. Sold to montx. Traded with maxima112. Sold to NewAgeKing.


Bought from cloak559.

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thats good, cuz i have a pending trade with him :)

Vehicle Type: 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally

HU: Poineer DEH-P6700MP

Front/ Rear: Type R 6.5 Comps

4 Channel Amp: Kicker ZR 2-Channel

Sub(s): 2 15" AA Avas

Sub Amp: Orion 2500D

Enclosure: Custom Full Trunk Fiberglass


I dont drive fast...I fly low


Refs:terryracing86, IonSQL, B_Cambell, Playboyclic


SELLING: 1 15" AA Avalanche

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