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sr_se-r, Good buyer

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Chock up another successful transaction for me. I sold sr_se-r my Kenwood X879 for $140 shipped. He had good communication, was very reasonable and followed through 100%. Good buyer!

Driving a 2003 Lexus GS430 and a 1996 Lexus LS400

GS430 - Massive RK Tweets/Crossovers + Phass MW650 NEO Mids, JBL GTO 755.6 amp, IDQ12v2 in 1cu ft sealed substage


Refs: CA.com - excelerater, fosgate140, 99StangGt, desertheat, Frito, digital mint, dkguitarist, BoominBeast (didn't scam me), Fast1one, shiipseki, newtitan, Scoobydoo, spudracer326, sr_se-r, redlinese-r, James Bang, tweet02, effenay, and Mike Dressure ::: ECA - BBOYSTEVIE, Need-SQ ::: DIYMA - macxx, Kuztimrodder (very happy), and azngotskills

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