s10 box 4

s10 box 4

ya i know how ya woud feel me subs in my truck dont give me much room to move around my knees are hitting the dash o well.
I like the install, bass-head is just hating because he has pyramids and he is clueless on what a good sub actaully is.
Wow bass-head I applaud your earlier post. Like I have said before your imcompetence only applies to your spelling, not your car audio knowledge. (y)

I liked his earlier post, yeah he cant spell for shit, but he does know his stuff... Honestly I would rather read knowledgeable arguements, than childish banter..... You both have valid points.
Yea i posted that about the pryamids before i knew there was two different bass heads. So thats my bad far as the confusion, but whats the point in making these troll accounts that look very similar to the persons name and try to talk shit? I mean do you actually get any enjoyment out of that? I mean I noticed that you have one for mrray13 also but without the extra r, I mean to each his own i guess but it just seems immature to me.