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Can anyone tell me if this high output alternator is any good? I
Hoping to get a ho alt and my big 3 done friday. I have roughly 10 ft of 4ga ofc wire (some stinger and some jl), some 100 amp fuses but need a fuse holder and some other small bits. Any advice is appreciated.
2019 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab

Keeping OEM head unit

Trying to decide what system to install and dealing with output signal from the Bose system.

So would using a sealed sub of some kind still be alright to round out the bass in my Honda? I honestly don't want to have a MASSIVE box in my trunk. I like have the space, and being that I work in IT...from time to time I do have to carry full systems and parts from site to site. 

So myself and my net admin are having a debate on what car has your Precision Power gear in. I say a Camry, he says a Volvo. Who is right? 

Oh well, nice try mate!

I don't understand why you guys have different laws regarding car audio boomin!   We sort of have it here but its not enforced by the cops but Environment Protection Authority but you have to write a letter and provide car registration details, no body is bothered to do that but we don't have many cars with walled Subwoofers riding our streets.  single or dual subwoofer would be the most you will hear in Australia. 

I am in Sydney mate, should check out Australia, you would love it!