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cl-641 crossover

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I got my cdt 3 way component about 4 months ago and it has been hooked up to a mtx 404 (4x50@4ohm).

Each set of cdt has 2 crossovers, one for input (from amp) which goes to the 6" midbass and also has an output for the other crossover(this one for 4 and 1).

But since I have a 4 channel amp I gave two channels to two 6" crossovers and the other two channels to the two 4 and 1 crossovers.

Also it has been hooked on for 4 months now, and it sounds okay.

But since the each set is suppose to be 4 ohms I was wondering what ohmage they are in now!?

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So I think I should cross the mtx to 2 channels and give each set about 150. :) thanks for the help

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