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XTRPRO subwoofer problem, not enough power?

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Equipment in question:

JLAudio 500/1 Class D Amp, wired in series to 2 Orion XTRPRO 10 Subs. DB Boost set to only 3db



On music with high bass (Mary J. Blidge, J. Jackson), if i turn the subwoofer control on my HU above 75% i.e. something like 14 out of 16 (sometimes even 12, depends on the song), the sub cones will start vibrating freakishly and make this annoying loud sound.

The system was not wired by me, but by a respectable shop, so i'm not an expert.

Could this be a power problem? I dont use a cap.

Any opinions are appreciated.





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Sounds like the subs are distorting. Turn the gain level on the amplifier down about 1/8th or so turn, that way the subs will not distort at full HU volume level.

Is this not a reasonable place to park?

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