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SOLD) TWO old school ZOMBI 200 2ch class A/b amps

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SOLD) TWO old school ZOMBI 200 2ch class A/b amps

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I have (2) TWO old school ZOMBI 200 2ch class A/b amps

i dont know much info on these, seem to be quite rare

Made in usa, decent looking guts, 1 with heatsink in damn good cosmetic display condition and one is not quite as pretty.

All i can find is 400w rms bridged @4ohm, and i believe it, ONE amp bridged on 1 15" old school coustic sounded GREAT!. i have not personally used these on mids yet

Nice one $100 shipped USPS priority insured +any PP fees

less nice cosmetic one $85 shipped + any PP fees 

both $170 shipped



update, sold one, keeping other, delete.



Squeak9798, Kumbos310w6, BigBangTheory, Jmanpc, MillzThaYungin, WLDock, -Leister-, ThomasG, J31Rob (and a few more I have forgotten)


sorry man but ford will always be a ford. ford is the sony xplod of cars and trucks. you had bad experiences with chevy because your a ford guy. its what seperates the men from the boys. friend billy use to drive a ford. he drives a chevy now. they call him billy no more. hes known as bill now..

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