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Hertz HDP-4 amplifier question

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Hey there guys and gals!:cool:

So I bought this amp which will soon replace my faithful old Precision Power PC450.  I am using my stock head unit since it has provision for rear view camera so don't want to change that.:blackeye:.  The Hertz amp will be running Boston components and Rockford co-ax in the rear deck.

Now currently the remote wire is connected to the accessory so the amp remains on until I pull the key out.  This is the main reason I will be swapping the PPI amp to run my speakers. The Hertz has signal sensing through speaker outputs so I will be running speaker wires to connect to the amp.   Which brings me to my question, how will I send a remote signal to turn on the monobloc amp, (a Phoenix Gold RX1100.1):blackeye: after I have changed to the Hertz amplifier???

The Hertz amp does not have provision for a remote out so presently, I am doing my homework before I attempt the replacement task.  :graduate:

oh!,I have been lazybum not reading  the 50 page manual but I think I will have to:crap:

Any ideas guys??


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