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Help choosing which amp

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Opinions. Which should I run on my Threatcon d4. Us Amps Merlin Md-1d or American Bass VFL 2680.1? I have both. The Vfl is a lot smaller but on paper the ratings are similar.


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I would hook up each one and run around with it for a week then let your ears decide which one is louder, so long as your gain is set correctly. On paper doesn't mean jack shit vs in the car and in the actual real world playing.

97 4 dr. Tahoe

Interstate battery

Pioneer DEH-80PRS

Polk Audio MM6501 comps

Wolfram amps coming soon, 3000.1, 125.4

2 Sundown Audio X 15's Tuned @ 30Hz.

Knukonceptz/Royal Excelene wiring

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