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Any advice on a double din Android Auto and Car Play unit?

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I'm considering the following units:

- Sony XAV-AX5000

- JVC KW-M730BT 


- Alpine iLX-W650

All can be found under $300 for a little work.

FM reception is important to me, and I've read reviews saying the Sony XAV-AX5000 does well there. 

And Android Auto is especially important, though it'd be nice to have Car Play as well.

Other than that, a nice interface (valuing simple elegance over dolphins and goofy transitions), and of course great sound. I'll probably add an external amp, and looking for advice there too, but might not be adding one right away.

Any other units I should consider?

And any feedback on the above?

Thanks for any tips.

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I just installed the Alpine iLx-W650 in my car yesterday, and I’m quite impressed so far. The FM reception is good. Although I didn’t listen long. I mainly use Android Auto and it is very responsive. I already have a full system with DSP, so I haven’t messed with any of the sound settings. I left it flat. But I can tell you that this head unit blows my old one away in terms of sound quality. And the bass is much stronger.

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