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My IB folks, do these specs work

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Folks, I have used sealed and bandpass but now want to give IB a try. I want to hear what it sounds like and honestly want to get my truck back. Certainly want to do this with a cheap driver to experiment and found specs of a cheap 12 inch and want to know your thoughts. Specs below

FS 24.6
Qms 15.6
Qes 0.86
QTs 0.81
Vas cu.ft. 3.606
BL 10.31
Xmax 11.7 mm

On paper would this work? Since a 4 ohm driver, thinking of doing two powered by the Polk PAD 2000.0 I recently picked up for 50 bucks. I believe that rates right at 500 rms in mono load.

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OK, it has potential for IB install, the QTS is high so that's a good start, has good dampening,  Low FS, resonant frequency of 24hz is pretty good.  XMax is not bad too but I say definitely give it a god and see how it goes.  Just ensure you seal all baffle so the front and rear waves do not cancel eachother.    There are room for little air leaks but as long as you so this with patience and check it all works well once you power it up.

The VAS at 3.6, ideally you should have 10 times that volume to really get IB but I have done it with less air space. 

Currently my ride has dual Alpine Bassline SWA12S4 in a 15 cubic feet air space and I am happy with the result and I am feeding them over 400rms per driver, since the box makes them very efficient, I don't have to drive them too hard for them to go loud.  Best thing about IB is that you feel the bass at lower frequencies rather then just hearing them.:graduate:  I reckon once you go IB, you will never go back to a boxed woofer again!:fro:



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